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Below are upcoming classes at TriLuminous.  We strive to offer a variety of services, classes and events to meet our diverse clientele.  As always, we are also open to suggestions on classes that you like to see us offer. 

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Jenny & Amanda

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Upcoming Classes:

Saturday, January 18th  from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm

New Year – New light

Gallery Channeling for the year 2020 and manifesting your wishes

Facilitated by Amanda and Jenny

Join Amanda and Jenny in this Gallery Style Channeling session where they will channel individual and world events messages for 2020.  The veil is getting thinner and changes are rapidly occurring as we move more into the “The Light” and manifest your desires.  Find out what this means for you and how you can benefit from it moving forward.
For more information or to register, call/text Jenny at 651-503-3705 or go to:


Monday, January 27th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Meditation Topic:  “Compassion, Joy & Happiness”

Creating Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life

Note:  This will be a deeper meditation (hypno-meditation)- No prior Meditation experience needed
Facilitated by Jenny
For more information or to register, call/text Jenny at 651-503-3705 or go to:

Thursday, January 30th from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Spiritual Development

Topic:  Intro to Self Healing

Facilitated by Jenny

This class is designed for individuals who are looking to understand and expand their healing gifts and abilities.  All healing- whether traditional or holistic involves self-healing.  To foster healing of the mind, body and spirit, there are easy and simple techniques that can be done.  This is also a great opportunity for those individuals who are drawn to healing work and want to learn more about it before committing to a certification program.   Items to be covered as an overview:

  • How to channel healing energy and the benefits mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

  • Types of healing techniques and modalities (sound, meditation, stones, oils, dreams, different types of healings)

  • Frequencies, vibrations and chakras

  • Blockages and barriers that create illness & disease

  • Simple and effective self- healing techniques that you can use immediately

  • Self-talk for healing & exercise in doing it

  • Scanning & sending healing to others (brief overview)

  • Channeled messages and guidance from Jenny on your specific gifts (done in a group forum) 

For more information or to register, call/text Jenny at 651-503-3705 or go to:

Classes Held at TriLuminous
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Readings or Healings with Amanda and/or Jenny

By Appointment Only.
Availability varies, please contact them directly to schedule your appointment.

Contact Jenny at 651-503-3705 (call/text) or Amanda at 651-279-7744 (call/text)
Premium Packages to receive a reading and/or healing with Amanda and Jenny together are available for February.  Call or text for more infomation.

Hypnosis, Past Life Regressions and Soul Journeys

By appointment Only.  Please contact Jenny at 651-503-3705 (call/text).