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TriLuminous was established to unite like-minded practitioners that foster mind, body, and spiritual wellness and enlightenment. Practitioners offer a wide variety of holistic services with understanding, compassion, and empathy to provide insight, empowerment, overall wellness, and individual growth.


Contact: Phone: 651-503-3705; email:; website:

Jenny is a renowned medium and psychic consultant, spiritual coach, life coach, business consultant, Reiki Master/healer, EFT/TFT certified practitioner, hypnotherapist, and hypnosis teacher.  She offers a wide variety of spiritual development, empowerment and healing classes.  Her passion is in providing guidance, empowerment and healing to individuals.  She loves to assist others on their journey of empowerment and assisting in their awareness and growth in all areas of their life.  Messages come from universal truths of light and love, individuals’ ancient records, channeled from angels and spirit guides as well as loved ones who have passed. She provides detailed and accurate messages about your personal, business, and spiritual journey; and the messages and guidance are delivered with compassion and empathy. Coaching consultation, healing sessions, EFT sessions and hypno-therapy are customized to the individual.  Jenny also conducts past life regression, life between lives, and soul journey hypno-channeling.  Jenny provides business consultations for those looking to start or expand a business.   Appointments are via phone, in-person at TriLuminous.  She also offers office or client home for parties.

Jenny is the owner of TriLuminous.

Services offered by Jenny include:


  • Psychic/Medium Readings

  • Reiki and Energy Healings

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Life Coaching

  • Business Consultant

  • Hypno-Therapy

  • Past Life Regressions

  • Soul Journeys

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Sessions

  • Spiritual Development, Empowerment and Healing Classes

  • Reiki Training and Certification

Amanda - Taking limited appointments for coaching and readings. Scheduling via email.

Contact:  email:


Contact: Phone: 952-607-9938, email: ; website: Angel Whispers

Joyce is a highly gifted, trustworthy, and intuitive energy healer and reader and draws from her psychic abilities and training as a Reiki Master.  During a session, Joyce focuses on bringing healing and clarity through love and light and offers clients a safe and compassionate process in their enlightening and healing journey.  During a healing session, Joyce is best known for her ability to gently and compassionately release emotional trauma so individuals can connect to their passions and  achieve a healthy and happy life. Many of her clients have experienced deep transformation and long-term shifts that remove internal roadblocks, allowing them to move forward and grow.  Appointments in-person at TriLuminous or remote.


Contact: Phone: 651-528-2064, email:

Nina is a psychic-medium, reiki master, intuitive healer, spiritual advisor and henna artist. Her passion is connecting people to their inner, higher and authentic self. She uses her insight and intuition to tap into your energy, aura and heart space to bring forth direction on this journey of life. Nina loves and appreciates connecting to others on a soul level and believes we are all healers at heart. She would love to connect you to your light within and shed insight on your spiritual path. Nina uses her channels to connect people with their loved ones who have passed to help bring forth clarity, unity and a sense of peace. She considers it a privilege to be able to be that voice that connects you to your dearly departed. Nina is an automatic writer and considers her reading style casual and comfortable, just like having a conversation among good friends. She calls upon Pleiadian energy and symbols to help connect and bring a deeper understanding of oneself and purpose. She uses these modalities in her henna and reiki as well. Her aspiration is to help bring energy into your life that serves your higher self and purpose and to help understand, heal and release anything that is no longer serving you. She believes and stands by peace, love and light for all. 



Contact: Phone: 651-302-0161, email:

Offering energy healing, psychic intuitive readings


Amanda K

Contact: Phone: 763-898-9790, email:

Amanda is an intuitive empath and medium, as well as a Reiki master/healer. Through personal experience connecting to Spirit to break toxic cycles and realize her purpose, she developed a passion for helping others do the same. Her focus is helping clients recognize their inherent worth and heal from toxic relationships, romantic and otherwise. In order to get to a higher level of understanding self, there is an element of shadow work. Without the dark, there can be no light. These areas for growth are brought forth in her sessions. Her approach to channeling is direct and to the point, but, make no mistake, there is a deep level of compassion and understanding. Email, remote, and in-person sessions at Triluminous.

Margo- Healer, meditation teacher
Joyce- Reiki Master, healer, readings
Dr. Mike- NAET and gluten practionioner
Josh and Sonny -House Clearing
Amanda K- Psychic consultant, Reiki Master
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Jenny-Psychic-Medium Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Healer, Coaching, Business Consultant
Amanda M- Psychic-Medium Consutant, Coaching, Reiki Master
Margo- Healer, Meditation Teacher, Healing and Wellness Product Consultant
Joyce- Reiki Master, Healer, Readings
Tanya - Healer, Shamanic Journeys and Reader
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Leslie - Psychic Reader
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Diane- Psychic-Intuitive, Healer, Reiki Master
Nina- Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master
Amanda K- Healer, Reiki Master
Casie- Health coach, nutrition and wellness consultant, physique professional, health kinesiology
Josh and Sonny- House Clearings
Jim - Reiki Master, Quantum healer, and heart math instructor
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