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Soul Journey and Past Life Regressions

Soul Journey

Discover your passions, purposes, and answers to your questions regarding your journey and relationships in this lifetime.


Many of us have questions about our present life and what lies ahead and even beyond it. “Who am I?  Why am I here now?  What are my purposes?  What purpose does someone have in my life?  Why did I choose the things I did?"

Soul Journey and Life Between Lifetime sessions help individuals uncover the answers to these and other questions. You will have the opportunity to experience and review the connections in this lifetime, connecting to your soul, the souls of loved ones (crossed over and still here), angels, guides, ascended masters and much more.


Jenny will guide you through a hypno-channeling state to experience this enlightening and healing journey. During the session, you will visit past lives and the spiritual realm. Here we will review the course of your soul’s journey and gain insight into your soul's purpose and connection to others. Throughout this process, you will channel information and energy from your guide(s) and higher beings, which will help you recognize your life challenges, lessons, and gifts and realize the unique contributions that are yours to make in your present life. This window into your soul’s journey brings healing, clarity, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to your life in the here and now.


Soul journeys typically last two to four hours for the first session. A full soul journey is four hours, although condensed versions of the soul journey can be completed in a shorter time. Subsequent sessions last approximately 1 ½-2 hours.

Practitioner offering soul journeys:  Jenny - Call or text for your free consult today or for more information - 651-503-3705 or email

Past Life Regression

Most of us are not conscious of the effect that past lives have on us.  Whether or not we know it, we are affected by past life memories and significant events. Previous lifetimes are lodged deeply in the subconscious or cellular memory.  Although we frequently get feelings and awareness of these times, we've learned to ignore or dismiss them, chalking them up to imagination.


To be fully present in the moment and powerfully and purposefully living, it helps to get in touch with the messages and memories from past life experiences. You can bring forth your gifts from past lifetimes. Just as unresolved traumas from this life can affect you even decades later, the same is true from previous lives. Past life regressions can assist in overcoming fears and phobias. They also help understand past life connections with partners, family and friends.

Past life regression work can help you take the next step toward inner freedom.  Discovering who you were can reconnect you with yourself now, allowing you to experience all of who you are-- allowing more puzzle pieces of this life's purpose to fall into place.

Past life regression sessions last approximately two hours.

Practitioner offering past life regressions:  Jenny - Call or text for your free consult today for more information - 651-503-3705 or email

Disclosure and disclaimer:

We practice clinical hypnosis which is not in the realm of medicine or psychology. Our hypnosis is for self-improvement only. It is not provided for medical treatment or psychological counseling. Disclaimer: There are no guarantees that hypnosis will work for you. Results vary person to person based on their desire and other factors.

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